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Green Infrastructure Installation and Maintenance

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Wildwood provides quality stormwater management systems for both commercial and residential applications.  We install the following green infrastructure systems to help mitigate erosion and stormwater issues: 


Rain Gardens 

Rain gardens are a budget and eco-friendly solution to managing stormwater on a property.  We can divert runoff from yards, roofs, and gutters away from a house or commercial building and into a garden that allows water to infiltrate back into the ground.  Rain gardens aid in improving water quality, reducing garden maintenance, conserving water, and reducing the  potential for flooding. 

Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Rain water harvesting systems such as rain barrels or cisterns are a great tool in reducing stormwater runoff from roofs and gutters and can be used to water gardens and lawns. Harvesting rainwater can also help lower water bills. 

Stormwater Planters

Stormwater planters are another tool to aid in reducing stormwater runoff from  roof and gutters. Our planters require minimal space and help filter pollutants and beautify areas with impervious surfaces, such as parking lots or driveways. 

Subsurface Drainage Systems 

Subsurface drainage systems such as french drains or area drains can be installed to help with diverting ponding water away from building foundations.  We can combine french drain installations with a rain garden to maximize water diversion away from buildings and allow the water to infiltrate back into the ground. 

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